Thursday, July 25, 2013

Call for Bout of Books Experts

We need YOU.

We're doing experts a little differently this year. Bout of Books is GROWING, y'all. And as it grows, we're limited as to how many people we can reach and interact with.

That's where Bout of Books experts come in.

What makes a person a Bout of Books expert, you ask?

  • You've participated in three Bout of Books prior to 8.0
  • You love Bout of Books and want to make sure everyone knows how awesome it is
  • You're willing to commit some of your free time to helping us
  • You love connecting with fellow book lovers and cheering them on
This time, Bout of Books experts will be given extra superpowers.

We're splitting experts into two groups: comments and Twitter.

If you're a comment expert, you get to visit #boutofbooks-ers' blogs and comment on their posts--tell them how awesome they are and how well they're doing.

If you're a Twitter expert, you get to help us around Twitter by answering questions and, GET THIS, hosting a social hour during the evening announcements (Tuesday 8/20 through Saturday 8/24 only).

Sound like something you're interested in?

Fill out this form below to sign up to be an expert! We need TEN people total (five for each group). You can sign up to be both, but you will only be chosen for ONE group.

Please note: if you sign up for Twitter, you are required to be available between 7:30CST and 8:30CST on at least one day from Tuesday to Saturday. 

We will be closing this form on July 31st. If you're interested in helping us, make sure you get on our list before then!

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  1. Next time I am in. I am actually in class for the last two weeks of August this time :(