Monday, May 12, 2014

Bout of Books 10 Day 1

Welcome to Bout of Books 10!

Here is the schedule of events for today:

TZC = Time Zone Conversion

10:30am CDT (TZC) Morning Announcements with @boutofbooks
1pm CDT (TZC) Twitter Chat with @BookBender
7:30pm CDT (TZC) Evening Announcements with @boutofbooks

Please note: the form for the sign up will stay open through TODAY and TOMORROW.
It closes Wednesday at midnight (TZC)


If you like X, try Y -- The Book Barbies
Introduce Yourself to Your Fellow #boutofbooks-ers (information below)

To kick off the read-a-thon, we're doing something a little different. We're hosting an informal challenge. Take a picture of yourself with your reading pile, your reading companions, the Bout of Books tagline (Are you ready to get your read on?), or anything else that will let us get to know YOU! Upload it to any social media site with the #boutofbooks hashtag and CONNECT with other readers!

Twitter Chat Information

TZC = Time Zone Conversion
There is a Twitter chat today at 1pm CDT (TZC)
The chat will be hosted by @BookBender
@boutofbooks is on standby

The chat will last one hour. You do NOT have to follow the host. If the host gets stuck in Twitter jail, she will take over the @boutofbooks handle.

We will use the Q1/A1 system. The host ask the question using Q1, Q2, and so on. You respond using A1, A2. EASY


Remember: this linky is for linking up your goals. If you've already done that, you don't have to add your link again.


  1. So many people! Everyone have fun reading!

  2. wondering about my signup # / position that keeps changing --
    as we're asked to note our signup number for challenges,
    it's a question others will be experiencing as well.. thanks for responding.

    1. Unfortunately, we have no control over the numbers changing. In the future, we'll have challenges ask for your sign up post rather than the number.