Friday, May 13, 2016

Bout of Books 16 Day 5

Here is the schedule of events for today:

TZC = Time Zone Conversion

10:30am CST (TZC) Morning Announcements with @boutofbooks
7:30pm CST (TZC) Evening Announcements with @boutofbooks


Freaky Friday Photo Challenge -- HERE

Share a photo of you or your books in a creepy setting to celebrate Friday the 13th! Use the hashtags #boutofbooks and #freakyboutofbooks so we can all see the scary!


The way these updates work is that you post your progress for the previous day (today's link should be to your progress for the fourth day of the read-a-thon). Please include a DIRECT LINK to your update post.

If you have questions, please tweet us @boutofbooks or email us (boutofbooks at gmail dot com).


  1. I don't know how I could even hold still to take this photo; it is so terrifying. (Disclaimer- no books were harmed in the making of this post.)

  2. My pic for this challenge.

  3. My pictures for Friday's challenge.

  4. Here's my picture:


  5. My creepy-lite photo:

  6. My Freaky Friday pic on Instagram. Unfortunately you can't really see the spiderwebs - it looked much creepier than it seems, haha! ;-)

  7. I put my picture up on my blog:

  8. Wanted to give a heads up just in case my link up ends up being on the linky twice. I put it in once but, even after waiting a while and refreshing, it wasn't showing up so I entered it again. :)