Friday, August 25, 2017

Bout of Books 20 Day 5

Here is the schedule of events for today:

TZC = Time Zone Conversion

10:30am CT (TZC) Morning Announcements with @boutofbooks
7:30pm CT (TZC) Evening Announcements with @boutofbooks


Leave a book review

Did you know? Book reviews help other readers discover new books. For today's challenge, we encourage you to write a review of a book you've read during the readathon (or recently) and publish it where other readers make their purchasing decisions (e.g., Amazon, Goodreads, etc.). Be sure to share it with us in the comments below or on social media.

Thanks to J. Lenni Dorner for today's challenge.


The way these updates work is that you post your progress for the previous day (today's link should be to your progress for the fourth day of the read-a-thon). Please include a DIRECT LINK to your update post.

If you have questions, please tweet us @boutofbooks or email us (boutofbooks at gmail dot com).


  1. One of my Bout of Books goals is to review each book as they're read. ;) Links can be found on my progress page to the review on my blog and all of them are also on Goodreads and Amazon ;) Thanks for the Challenge!

  2. Here's the link for my Goodreads review for Going Dark by Monica McCarty:
    Finished yesterday and reviewed yesterday.
    Thanks for the challenge! :-)
    - Make Kay

  3. Link to my Amazon review of Amnesty by Cambria Hebert! Also posted on my blog and GoodReads.

  4. Link to my Review of The Kagonesti on Goodreads

    will also add it to my blog.

  5. I have reviewed a couple of mine I have read this week on my booklikes blog plus goodreads. So here is my booklikes urls:

  6. I just posted a quick review on Goodreads of the book I finished last night.

  7. MY Goodreads review:
    THIS BOOK WAS SO CUTE! I loved every moment of it. I enjoyed the media aspect that we usually don't get in many books even though the internet is a big part of our lives. Abertalli made it so easy to love all the characters (Abby, Nick, Leah, Nora, Alice "Blue", Cal, etc.) especially Simon. He was just felt like a real person who was awkward and sometimes made mistakes like the rest of us. The friendship aspect was also really relatable when it came to drama, jealously, and how long you've known a person. The writing flowed so smoothly and I enjoyed my self SO MUCH while I read it. And don't get me started on Simon and Blue!