Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Bout of Books 24 Day 3

Here is the schedule of events for today:

TZC = Time Zone Conversion

10:30am CT (TZC) Morning Announcements with @boutofbooks
7:30pm CT (TZC) Evening Announcements with @boutofbooks


Six degrees of separation from Bout to Books

Find an original way to connect the two words (Bout and Books) through six books

Thanks to Emma (Words and Peace) for today's challenge.

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  1. #232 Day 2:
    Legacy of Mercy-Lynn Austin 136 pgs
    What Child Is This-Rhys Bowen completed
    Murder in the Orchard-Betty Rowlands 75%

  2. Today I am playing Six Degrees of Separation connecting the words Bout and Books using books.
    Here Goes:
    1. Chinese NoteBOOK is a book of poetry written in Greek by Demosthenes Agrafiotes translated from Greek by John and Angelos Sakkis. It is composed in a red and black notebook made in China.
    2. The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks is the love story of Allie and Noah that will light up your heart and break it, too.
    3. Spark by John Twelve Hawks is a thriller narrated by John Underwood, an assassin for Special Services of a large NY bank. It’s an intense book that’s character driven.
    4. Blue Beetle Number Twelve from DC Comics is a comic by Tony Bedard, illustrated by Ig Guara. “Blue Beetle is back and he’s gonna bleed this world dry!”
    5. Faralla: A Story of Loss and Hope by Vanita Oelschlager is a children’s book told by a young Beetle who makes friends with caterpillars but loses them when they take to the sky as butterflies.
    6. Bout Bout by John Sakkis is a chapbook of his poetry published by Farfalla, McMillan and Parrish . John Sakkis is also the translater of Chinese Notebook, the first book in this list. Boom!

  3. Where is everyone? Anyone else doing the Six Degrees Challenge?